Modern Day Slaves Screening – Documentary

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Date & Time: August 15, 2015 at 7:00 pm
Location: Crosswind Community Church of Denver, 15801 East Centretech Circle, Aurora, CO 80011

As an advocacy organization for human rights, equality and human dignity, NaFFAA Region 5 is privileged to present a very moving documentary--Modern Day Slaves produced and directed by a Filipino American documentarian - Ted Unarce.

SYNOPSIS:The film depicts the story of Filipino Overseas Workers who leave their home country to find work in another country. Many of them work as domestic helpers and are known to be called Modern Day Slaves. They earn a few dollars to support themselves and send the rest of their earnings back home by way of remittances. They seek higher wages and hope to multiply their earnings by a factor of 300% to 500% compared to what they will earn back home These remittances of hard currency represents a critical lifeline to their home country, providing an influx of critical buying power. They often sleep in densely packed housing units after doing a backbreaking work six or seven days a week. OFW's are vulnerable to abuse and mistreatment. They are easy targets for exploitations enduring long hours of works, low pay and poor living conditions. They usually exists in a legal gray zone were they have no way of protecting their rights. The film follows the story of several Filipino OFW of different socio-economic backgrounds. Stories of rape, severe physical and mental torture and beheading outlines how laws on human rights are violated and the awful consequences of human trafficking. OFW's live as outsiders in their host country, among unfamiliar languages and cultural traditions. They are unprotected and unrecognized by the laws of their host countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, the U.S. and the U.K. among others.

The film will explore how the Philippine government, a third world country actively encourages citizens to leave their country as foreign workers. OFW's repatriated nearly $18B back to the Philippines in 2008. This creates a huge opportunity for corruption among its politicians and legislators. The story of Modern Day Slaves are of extreme sacrifice. The result of the global Financial collapsed have brought many countries to its knees.

This film will also raise provocative questions about certain ominous economic, political and social trends that vast section of first world countries maybe in danger of falling back into 2nd or 3rd world status if remained unchecked. This film will hopefully spark a wake up call among American citizens and leaders of the free world to take necessary actions that protect American and European prosperity from slipping away.

Come and Support our kababayan and raise awareness about modern day slavery.
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