About Us


To build a national organization that will be recognized by Washington policy makers, private industry and other advocacy groups as the Voice of Filipinos and Filipino Americans throughout the United States.

NaFFAA Region V is a vital and active organization and has accomplished the following significant and meaningful projects:

  • GK Colorado Village in Cabagan, Isabela, Philippines. The Colorado Village has 30 individual homes that shelter 30 formerly homeless families. It has a school and a multi-purpose building for the villages activities.
  • Instrumental in the passage of the Philippine Veterans Equity Bill. The Bill that honors and recognizes the services of Filipinos as US soldiers during the World War II.
  • Philippine Consular Outreach Project. Serviced over 1000 and saved thousands of dollars by not traveling to San Francisco for people who need consular services.
  • Philippine American Medical Mission Symposium. The Symposium focused on generating a consensus regarding the key issues impacting medical missions as well as possible solutions. It was attended by missioners, mostly doctors and nurses from around the USA and the Philippine government representatives.
  • Annual Filipiniana an event that gives recognition to outstanding Filipino American leaders for their unselfish service to the Community. It also features Filipino-American talents as well as visiting artists from the Philippines. In addition, Filipiniana is a venue for raising thousands of dollars for calamities, such as typhoons and earthquakes in the Philippines.


  • Unity-more powerful and stronger voice, bigger number: diversity is our strength
  • Collaboration-to accomplish what we could not do alone; no organization can exit on its own: network
  • Ethical-honesty, transparency, accountability
  • Cooperation-teamwork,consensus
  • Goal Oriented
  • Heritage, History, Culture-sense of pride, patriotism, allegiance(where your heart is-passion?)
  • Leadership-empowering individual and members, motivating others
  • Awareness/Education-electoral process, census participation, demographics, funding, media savvy

Critical Success Factors

  • Impactful Rewards/Recognition Program
  • Knowledgeable Region 5 members on problems and issues affecting our community and services available to address them
  • Empowered and collaborative leaders and members.
  • Funding availability
  • Increased and sustainable membership at Local, Regional and National levels
  • Visible and strong Filipino American community representation at all levels


  • Network and or partner with other organizations(corporate, media, private or public) to strengthen our visibility and position
  • Create effective Fundraising, Marketing, Outreach and Community Resource committees by providing members with the right tools, abilities and skills.
  • Develop a marketing plan the would support various efforts in Region V: Fundraising, Marketing, Media Effectivess, Recruitment, Retention, Outreach, Community Resource, etc.
  • Develop leaderp, teambuilding, network and mentoring programs
  • Create a FIlipino American Chamber of Commerce to strengthen our visibility in the socio-economic arenas


  • Increase visibility
  • Increase membership
  • Establish outreach program
  • Increase rewards/recognition program
  • Create leadership, mentoring and team building programs
  • Seek funding venues
  • Improve communication among member organizations and with the rest of the NaFFAA organizations

Key Initiatives/Objectives

  • Increase attendance in local Seniors Day from X to Y by end December, 2012—leaders of each Region V member organization that has a local program
  • Increase attendance to the Empowerment Conference in Michigan, August 2012 from 5 to 8 by July 1, 2012—Region V Chair
  • Seek volunteers to Chair each committee: Fundraising, Outreach, and Community Resource (Membership Chairs are Mr. & Mrs. Mercado who will work with Community Resource) by 3/15/2012—Region Chair
  • Identify Chairs for each committee by 4/1/2012—Region V Chair
  • Create Marketing Program that would encompass and support all our efforts by 12/31/2012—TBD
  • Identify organizations in other Region V States by 9/15/2012—Outreach Chair
  • Create a database of funders from corporate, government, individuals, businesses that match employee charitable contributions by 12/31/2012--Fundraising Committee Chair
  • Share information about NaFFAA and the Filipino American community around the country on an ongoing basis—Region V Chair
  • Create Community Resource Guide which include new immigrant information, senior and youth information by 12/31/201--Outreach Committee Chair
  • Share local information relevant to the Filipino American community issues among member organizations on an ongoing basis—Leaders of each Region V member organization
  • Communicate relevant information about the Consular Outreach Program by August, 2012—Region V Chair
  • Create a Region V online interactive calendar, facebook. twitter, by 6/15/2012-- Webmaster (Francis Macalalag)